The public sector, and the wide range of players attached to the public sector, are currently experiencing different types of obstacles creating demand for independent Public Affairs-performances. Many of these players, that be local authorities, educational institutions, NGO’s or independent institutions, are compelled to act strategically in the altered context. This context commands them to act as private companies and institutions, render visible results and act offensive towards the defined framework conditions. This often requires organizations operating within the public sector to somehow develop a clear and adequate Public Affairs-strategy. 

Policy Group has great and verified experience with counseling and assistance of players operating within the public sector. We have through tasks assisted clients ranging from local authorities, over NGO’s, to trade unions, and we have build up close relations and political networks with stakeholders that defines the framework conditions within the public sector, broad-based. 

Policy Group will be pleased to offer you a non-committal meeting to discuss how our network and approach can assist you with accommodating your challenges and obstacles related to the public sector.