An issue is a theme or an agenda, which in the short - or long term can influence companies’ and organizations’ framework conditions and in that manner obtain leverage within options available for actions, as well as attainment of strategic objectives planned by the company or organization. Policy Group employs Issues Management as a central part of the analysis and strategy process, providing the optimum basis for our clients, enabling them to proactively influence the issues that surround and define their framework conditions.    

An issue will most often go through multiple phases – typically ranging from a definition of the issue in a given environment without any public attention, to potentially becoming a subject for a concrete political decision making process. 

Analysing an issue’s lifecycle can be an important element for understanding the concrete issues’ dynamic and anatomy, with the purpose of influencing the final development of the given issue. Issues Management also describes an approach that assumes a given stakeholder to take point of departure in the attitude towards the given issue, whenever a decision needs to be made. 

For further information on Issues Management: Public Affairs – lobbyisme – i praksis (2007), and Lobbyisme i organisationer – mod en legitim og professional praksis (2012).