The Media and Telecommunications sector covers a range of fields highly regulated and subject to massive political and public interest, and the legislation within the area is often lagging behind the technological development. The sector concerns a lot of different political areas such as cultural policy, and covers a range of industries where changes in the media system fundamentally alters markets at very short-term. The digital development is often the initiator of new and complex regulations that can influence companies and organizations heavily if one has not early been included in the decision-making process. 

Policy Group has over a number of years build up strong and powerful networks and relations to decision-makers of relevance for the media and telecommunications sector. We have accomplished Public Affairs-tasks of both analytical/strategic and operational character with concrete results for our clients. 

Policy Group happily offers you a non-committal meeting where we will describe and further explain our network and approach, as well as give you our suggestions on how to structure a Public Affairs-task for you.