The sector of Energy, Climate and Supply covers a range of different links in the consumer and manufacturer supply-chain. It is a field that involves a wide variety of political areas with tremendous political and public interest. The sector of Energy, Climate and Supply is characterized by both well-established institutional industries, as well as new and innovative industries that operate with a large scope for manoeuvring. These players are situated in a place where VE technologies with great pace are changing the game and necessitate the need for new paradigms of regulation and body of legislation. The influence on decisions concerning grants, taxes and fees plays a vital role in this new game. 

Policy Group has via a range of concrete and substantial assignments created knowledge and networks with links to a wide range of decision-makers within the Energy, Climate and Supply sector. We have executed jobs on both strategic and operational level. 

Policy Group will be pleased to meet you non-committal to provide you with an insight into our Public Affairs-approach that is specifically directed at the sector of Energy, Climate and Supply.