Policy Group was established in 2012. Our agency employs specialists in the field of Public Affairs. We assist our clients with improvement of framework conditions; more specifically changes in the regulatory framework. Furthermore, we both guard and expand our clients’ general business conditions, as well as strengthening their professional reputations.  

Policy Group consists of advisory personnel possessing substantial experience stemming from activities within the political and governmental system, corporate trades and industries, and mass media.



Policy Group respects international acknowledged industry standards for corporate ethics. These principles are also further described and explained in these publications: 

Lobbyisme - og Public Affairs - i praksis (2007) og Lobbyisme i organisationer – mod en professionel og legitim branche (2012).

Policy Group complies with the following ethical principals for all of our clients:

  1. Policy Group cannot at the same time take jobs for directly conflicting commercial interests.
  2. Policy Group acts with full discretion concerning all relations in regards to our clients. 
  3. Policy Group will at all times give our clients the objectively best advice – also if this means not to take action in a given case. 
  4. Policy Group work according to a verified and experience-based methodology and we offer our clients deep and close political networks.