In the wake of the financial crisis and a closer and closer economical link between different markets, the financial sector is experiencing increased political interest and wish for further regulation. The financial sector involves a wide range of sub-industries facing some of the same fundamental challenges: An advocacy of legitimacy. This challenge is consistently transforming itself into potential damaging framework conditions - if not addressed proactively. This has resulted in an increased number of players today asking for independent Public Affairs-performance.  

Policy Group has great experience with the financial sector, as well as a thoroughgoing knowledge on the mechanisms and dynamics that creates regulation within the sector, as well as experience in building and creating legitimacy for our clients; A legitimacy that can be transformed into favourable political framework conditions and positive relations with the political environment.  

Policy Group will be pleased to offer you a non-committal meeting to discuss how our methodology and powerful network with political stakeholders holding decision-making capacity within the financial sector can assist you in order to avoid injurious regulation, and instead support your business as well as your goals and objectives.