The defence industry comprehends a wide variety of areas of interest in the Danish society, and a range of different sectors and industries has great direct or indirect commercial interests in the political decisions influencing the defence industry. The defence industry creates jobs and growth in Denmark, for instance within the sector of information-technology, and a numerous amount of Danish jobs are affiliated to businesses within the field. 

The defence policy possess great public interest, but is at the same time often governed by processes that are hard-to-reach, complex and in lack of transparency. If one wishes to influence questions related to the defence industry it requires thorough and detailed analysis, a close political network and last but not least verified experience. 

Policy Group holds a thoroughgoing experience on tasks within the defence industry, and we therefore have relevant networks on several levels in the political system. We have a specific developed approach for managing this industry, which has created great results for our clients. 

Policy Group will be pleased to offer you a non-committal and confidential meeting on how we can assist you in terms of a Public Affairs-task related to the defence industry.